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We’re grateful for the incredible coverage we’ve received since launching our flagship product, the S1 Gyuto Chef’s Knife back in 2018. We love partnering with media around the globe to develop compelling content and tell Hinoki’s unique story of bringing beautiful objects to life through our celebration of the human hand and ancient lineage in Japanese metalsmithing. 

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Founded in Melbourne by Hamish Grace, this sharp selection is forged in Sakai, Osaka. The firm also offers a sharpening and renewal service for dulled blades. Knives are hand-made so expect a waiting time of a few weeks.

Order one and you’ll want to stare at it in admiration just as much as you’ll want to put it to use.

The hunt for the perfect kitchen knife is over. This S1 Gyuto chef’s knife from Hinoki is super sharp, perfectly proportioned and precisely balanced, which means it’s a delight to hold and chop, slice or dice with.

The process is so precious that not even Hamish is allowed to know the technique of finishing the blades with a black oxide treatment!

You pick the components you want (handle, blade, monogram). Then Japanese bladesmiths craft the best piece of cutlery you’ve ever held.

24-year-old founder Hamish Grace is doing a lot more than just selling blades on the internet with this project. Behind what appears to be a sleek knife brand is actually a mission to create 30 perfect objects built to last a lifetime.