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Once two or more friends have pledged a minimum of $100 each through your unique link you’ll be eligible to receive your first reward.

Starting with the S1 Essential Wine Knife, with each pledge milestone, you’ll receive a blade from the Essentials.

Once seven or more friends have made pledges for the Essentials range you’ll receive the whole range.

2 friends referred

S1 Essential Wine Knife

Handmade over 43 individual production steps

4 friends referred

S1 Essential Paring Knife

Deftly slice and peel all matter of aromatics, fruits and vegetables - in signature Obsidian Black

7 friends referred

S1 Essential Chef's Knife

An all-rounder and indispensable partner in the kitchen, yours in Obsidian Black

10 friends referred

S1 Essential Bread Knife

Beyond Carbohydrates, a tool that is stunningly aesthetic and without match in its class.

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