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How it works


Once two or more friends have pledged a minimum of AU$150 (~US$99) each through your unique link you’ll be eligible to receive your first reward.

Starting with the E1 Wine Knife, with each pledge milestone, you’ll receive a blade from the Essentials.

Once ten or more friends have made pledges for the Essentials range you’ll receive the whole range.

2 friends referred

E1 Wine Knife

Handmade over 43 individual production steps

4 friends referred

E1 Paring Knife

Deftly slice and peel all matter of aromatics, fruits and vegetables - in signature Obsidian Black

7 friends referred

E1 Chef's Knife

An all-rounder and indispensable partner in the kitchen, yours in Obsidian Black

10 friends referred

E1 Bread Knife

Beyond Carbohydrates, a tool that is stunningly aesthetic and without match in its class.

Terms + Conditions

1. Referrer Definition

You are a “Referrer” if you are sending your unique URL to your friends and family in exchange for Rewards within the Hinoki Kickstarter Referral Program. 

2.  Affiliate User Responsibility and Understanding

  1. Promotion via paid traffic (including any adword campaign), re-targeting, discount and/or coupon site, or any other method that in the sole discretion of Hinoki is not in accordance with the letter and spirit of these terms and conditions may result in your Rewards being denied.

  2. You cannot SPAM and we will disqualify your referrals the first offence of SPAMMING. Do not send email to lists or groups that you do not have permission to send to. 

  3. You may place banners or links within your content on your owned and operated (i) newsletters, (ii) websites, (iii) social media accounts, (iv) or within other web related content and platforms that you own, control and/or manage (collectively, the “Referrer User Properties”).

  4. The Referrer User Properties (defined above) will not contain pornographic content, and will not facilitate, advocate, or promote hate or discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability.

  5. If fraudulent or suspicious activity takes place through your affiliate link(s), we will remove referred transactions and gifts without notice.

  6. When the Kickstarter campaign ends, the Campaign will automatically close and no more contributions will be accepted for the Campaign.

  7. All statistics are collected and calculated by Hinoki and will be the only valid statistics for determining Reward eligibility. This is completed through Google Analytics and the post-pledge Survey at the end of the campaign.

  8. As a Referrer, you will only have one unique code. Any duplicate names used will be found and the Rewards void. 

3. Kickstarter Requirements

  1. Rewards are only eligible to be collected if and when the Kickstarter Campaign reaches or exceeds the crowdfunding goal amount. If the Kickstarter Campaign is unsuccessful in reaching its crowdfunding goal, no Referrer Rewards will be distributed to you.

  2. Once the Kickstarter Campaign is over, if funding is successful, Hinoki will provide you information on if you were successful in obtaining any of the rewards. 

  3. All Rewards will be shipped to the Referrer’s preferred address anywhere in the world for free. The Rewards will be shipped last in comparison to the rest of the queue of pledges. 

  4. The Hinoki Kickstarter Referral Program is free of charge to use.

  5. Referral Rewards will be subject to any voids on part of the referred pledge. A “Void” is implemented by the Campaign Admin as a means to reverse the amount of Rewards given to a particular Referrer on qualifying sales. Voids may be the result of, without limitation, (i) canceled sales; (ii) product returns; (iii) duplicate or repeat errors; (iv) non-bona fide transactions; (v) non-receipt of payment from a customer of the Campaign Admin; (vi) refund of payment to a customer of the Campaign Admin; or (vii) failure by an Referrer to comply with these General Terms of Use set forth within.

4. Referrer Limitations

  1. The Referral Program is powered by Google Analytics and successful referrals are tracked through Google Analytics. There will be an additional chance for your referees to input their Referrer at the post-pledge Survey at the end of the Kickstarer. 

  2. Based on limitations provided by Kickstarter, through Google Analytics we are only able to track pledges that occur within the same browser session as the initial click. Different browsers and devices define a session differently so the accuracy of all pledges varies depending on the person being referred to the campaign. This limitation is because Kickstarter doesn't allow campaign owners or third party software to place a tracking pixel or cooking information within the Kickstarter platform.

  3. Google Analytics cannot track the source of conversions when users block cookies. As a result, Google Analytics may report some conversions as direct, rather than attributing them to a Referrer. 

  4. It’s not possible to track traffic to your project from the iOS and Android Kickstarter Mobile app through Google Analytics. Because of the tracking limitations imposed by Kickstarter, almost all mobile conversions are attributed to Kickstarter directly even though they may have come from a variety of different sources.

  5. If the referred backer is using an Ad Blocker that either blocks Google Analytics by default or has been customized to block Google Analytics, the Referrer will not be counted toward the Rewards. 

  6. In cases where the Referrer believes they had successfully referred a user but it is untracked due to any of the above cases, we will verify this via the post-pledge Survey at the end of the campaign.