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Introducing the Hinoki Essentials

Launching March 2020 on Kickstarter.

400 years of Japanese bladesmithing imbued into three exceptional knives for everyday living


A Paring, Bread and Chef’s Knife brought to a new class, uncompromisingly durable and exceedingly sharp

A curated selection of three knives, designed and crafted to simplify every turn in your kitchen.

From the home of bladesmithing, Seki, Japan, we’ve married a 400-year tradition of craftsmanship to modern form, function and aesthetic.

The S1 Essential Chef's Knife


An iconic silhouette based on our renowned S1 Gyuto blade profile. A knife of versatility in cutting fish, meat and vegetables, the first and last knife you will reach for and an indispensable kitchen partner. 

From $127 USD

The S1 Essential Bread Knife


Making light work of even the toughest materials, think artichokes, meat, poultry, the S1 Essential Bread Knife goes beyond carbohydrates. 

From $122 USD

The S1 Essential Paring Knife


Utility, detailing. Designed to deftly peel, mince and intricately decorate all matter of fruit, vegetables and aromatics. An all-purpose knife, for work that takes ten minutes or two hours.

From $111 USD

Leave your mark

Each knife is fully customised to you, with complimentary engraving.

The gold standard

VG10 stainless steel imparts outstanding corrosion resistance.

Proprietary convex edges

Trade secret convex blade with exceptional edge retention.