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Care Guide


With a Hinoki blade there are some short rituals that should be observed to ensure a lifetime of use. If any questions arise that go beyond our care guide, we are always at your resource via



To promote longevity in your blade, always hand wash it with water and soap, or a mild dishwashing liquid, avoiding abrasive scrubbers and bleach or citrus based cleaning agents. Never put your knife in a dishwasher or sitting in a sink full of soapy water.

Rinse and towel dry immediately, paying extra attention to the wooden handle and any remaining moisture as this can cause micro-corrosion and rot the timber. Let the knife air dry for a few minutes before returning it to storage – ideally store your blade in a knife block, the original box or Hinoki Companion Sheath to avoid bumping and nicks from other objects.

After every 2-3 uses, we recommend using a soft cloth to evenly coat your blade with a small coin sized amount of Hinoki Companion Knife Oil and washing off prior to its next use.



In order to exert their best performance, we recommend sharpening your Hinoki blade at least once a month. Heavy users should sharpen more often. When sharpening your Hinoki Knife we recommend using our Hinoki Companion Whetstone

To begin, soak the whetstone in the water for 10 mins before you begin sharpening. Once sufficiently wet, remove it and place it atop a damp washcloth to stabilize the whetstone and prevent it from sliding. 

Lightly touch the sharp edge of your knife to the side of the stone marked ‘1000’. Leading with your right hand make one full motion down from the top of the whetstone to the bottom and then back. 

In this action, you should be using about 70% of the whetstone’s surface. Finish your blade on the ‘6000’ stone for the sharpest edge and cleanest cut.

Hinoki serrated knives do not need to be sharpened.



All Hinoki Knives come with a commitment to a lifetime of service. If at any time you are not satisfied with the performance of your Hinoki blade, we’ll make it right. Whether you have made the initial purchase or received your Hinoki knife as a gift, we commit our knives to a lifetime of performance.

With this sentiment, The Hinoki Eternal Guarantee is yours to define, satisfaction with your product being yours and yours alone. If in ten years you have decided that your Hinoki is no longer serving you – if the edge has become dull from use or the handle worn, reach out to us and we will make it right.