Hinoki: 30 highly-refined kitchen essentials.


Using the finest materials and time-honoured techniques, Hinoki’s mission is to craft thirty, highly-refined kitchen essentials that inspire the mind, stimulate the senses and ultimately enhance the way we live. 

Each Hinoki Blade is crafted by our collective of Master Bladesmiths in Sakai, Osaka — a locality whose rich experience in The Art of Japanese Bladesmithing dates back centuries to the time of the samurai and is widely considered the pre-eminent manufacturing hub of the finest knives in all of Japan.

Australia is where our Master Woodworkers meticulously hand carve each wooden handle, utilising both Japanese and Scandinavian techniques — it is also where our leather goods are stitched and our protective Companion oils composed.

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The S1 Gyuto Chef’s Knife is Hinoki’s flagship blade featuring an all-black carbon steel, stunning chamfered edges and a hand-sculpted cutting edge forged by Master Japanese Bladesmiths, which culminate in a knife of unparalleled beauty and utility.




Hinoki exclusively uses the purest form of carbon, White Steel #1 — the closest material to tamahagane, the steel originally used to craft Japanese swords — to completely hand-forge its Black Carbon 1 Blades. Utilising a jealously guarded technique we render the blade a stunning black to create a knife that is extraordinarily sharp with exceptional edge retention and a pleasure to resharpen.

Utilising precisely 131 individual production steps personalised to the owners aesthetic taste, the process of creating the S1 Gyuto begins with a forge that reaches temperatures up to 1,000°C, the malleable steel is then repeatedly hammered to minimise impurities, ensure tensile strength and realise its iconic shape. Our Master Sharpeners then spend countless hours honing the precision cutting edge, all by eye, on a variety of different wet stones, each contributing distinct benefits to its final sharpness.

The striking S1 Handle is hand carved in the owners choice of Charred Walnut, American Walnut or European Oak and crowned by a blackened steel bolster, adding a discreet accent to the textural variations of the wood.

Clients are invited to further personalise their knife by having their initials discreetly engraved at purchase.

Price: AUD$598

Material configurations:  Black Carbon 1 Blade with choice of Charred Walnut, American Walnut or European Oak Handle.

Companion accessories:  Companion Knife Oil AUD$22, Companion Knife Sheath AUD$80. 

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Founded in Melbourne by Hamish Grace, this sharp selection is forged in Sakai, Osaka. The firm also offers a sharpening and renewal service for dulled blades. Knives are hand-made so expect a waiting time of a few weeks.


Order one and you’ll want to stare at it in admiration just as much as you’ll want to put it to use.

Gear Patrol

The hunt for the perfect kitchen knife is over. This S1 Gyuto chef’s knife from Hinoki is super sharp, perfectly proportioned and precisely balanced, which means it’s a delight to hold and chop, slice or dice with.

The Australian

The process is so precious that not even Hamish is allowed to know the technique of finishing the blades with a black oxide treatment!

The Design Files

You pick the components you want (handle, blade, monogram). Then Japanese bladesmiths craft the best piece of cutlery you’ve ever held.

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24-year-old founder Hamish Grace is doing a lot more than just selling blades on the internet with this project. Behind what appears to be a sleek knife brand is actually a mission to create 30 perfect objects built to last a lifetime.