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Care is as much part of the joy of owning a Hinoki blade as is ardent and frequent use on the chopping board. To ensure your blade maintains its edge and to develop a distinguished patina, Hinoki blades require care that balances devotion and reverence - after all, it is a lifelong companion.  

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Cleaning, drying and oiling


Hand wash the blade in warm soapy water and dry immediately after use, avoiding any excess water straying from faucet to the blades handle. We recommend using a soft cloth for this process and to exercise care around the sharp cutting edge. Once the blade is dry apply a coin sized amount of Hinoki Companion Knife Oil to the edge of a dry cloth and wipe across each surface of the blade.

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Sharpening, storing


We recommend using a Japanese sharpening stone with a grit between #1000 to #1200 or a ceramic honing rod. With either of these tools glide the blade ensuring that the edge makes light contact with sharpening tools surface. Avoid over sharpening your knife by testing the blade as you sharpen. 
To ensure maximum edge retention avoid using metal sharpening equipment or honing stones in the sharpening process.

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General Advice


A well kept blade retains its edge by being used on soft surfaces such as wood or plastic, avoid using your blade on glass, marble, china or stone. 
Avoid using your Series 1 Knife to cut into extremely tough foods or materials such as bones, or frozen food.

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