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The complete, essential, versatile and enduring kitchen. Yours in either Hinoki signature Black Obsidian oxide or Brushed Chrome stainless steel.

Obsidian Black
Brushed Chrome
Obsidian Ebony
American Walnut
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Due to the existing waitlist and handmade nature of our knives, dispatch will begin March 20th.

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E1 Bread Knife

Beyond carbohydrates

-普段使いシリーズ1- パン包丁

Making light work of even the toughest materials, think artichokes, meat, poultry, the E1 Bread Knife goes beyond carbohydrates.

It’s unique geometric form and painstakingly tested pitched and troughed serration make for a tool that is stunningly aesthetic and without match in its class.

E1 Chef's Knife

An indispensable partner

-普段使いシリーズ1- シェフの包丁

An iconic silhouette based on the Santoku blade profile, more than an all-rounder this is an indispensable partner in the kitchen.

Japanese for three virtues, Santoku, is a reference to the knife’s versatility in cutting fish, meat and vegetable, the first and last knife you will reach for.

E1 Paring Knife

Utility and detailing

-普段使いシリーズ1- ペティナイフ

Utility, detailing. Designed to deftly peel, mince and intricately decorate all matter of fruit, vegetables and aromatics. An all-purpose knife, for work that takes ten minutes or two hours.

V Gold 10, the Essential Core


Sitting at the pinnacle of chef-grade stainless steels, unsurpassed in rust resistance and peerless in edge retention, VG10 was the only choice for Essential blades.

Distilled from a combination of Carbon, Chromium and several other metals, VG-10 Steel with a Rockwell Hardness rating of 61, it is at once both durable and malleable, truly the gold standard.

A revolutionary convex blade


A blade profile of exquisite sharpness and edge retention, made using a trade-secret unique to our manufacturing process, the hallmark Convex shape allows for the cleanest cut with every stroke, ensuring ingredients aren’t damaged through the cutting process and flavours are locked in.

On the Chef’s Knife this proprietary shape has been applied to not one, but three layers of VG10 steel. Sharpened through a process refined over generations, these are knives of pedigree.

Gifting, ties unsevered


As is the long-held superstition, giving a knife severs ties. To prevent the accidental end of your relationships, we have included a small envelope inside each handmade Hinoki box.

Before gifting the knife, we encourage you to place a coin inside. Upon receiving the knife the recipient may then offer the envelope back to you as a token form of payment. This small act will ensure that all cutting remains solely in the kitchen.


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